Ivana Taylor


Ivana Taylor

  • Realistická 3D tvár
  • Skoro ako živá
  • Realistická vagína
  • Realistické prsia
  • Skutočné vlasy
  • Vyššia cena
Popis produktu

This busty love doll has wide blue eyes and flowing blonde hair, a pretty face on a killer body. Positioned in a doggie-style sex position, Ivana has voluptuous breasts with real-feel nipples and an incredibly realistic pussy and ass to plunge into.


Measuring 58 inches tall in a crouched position, this blow-up doll is a more sophisticated sexual simulator. Made from seamed PVC with a rubber moulded head and breasts, she is beautifully detailed from her real eyelashes and hair to her fleshy lips and nipples and carefully applied make-up. A truly attractive doll to enhance your solo sex life.


Ivana is purpose built for deep penetration. Her legs are spread wide, allowing you to plunge deeply inside her, whether you put her on her back, have her on top or take her from behind. Her sideways-turned head ensures a realistic sex experience.


Ivana has a penetrable mouth. Her soft lips invite you inside her specially-lined 6 inch deep and 1.5 wide throat canal that feels beautifully tight.


The realistic sex doll vagina and anus are a single unit that is inserted into the partially-inflated doll. Made from a real feel material that feels every bit as good as the real thing. It can be heated in warm water to give a warm-body feeling before inserting into the doll. Slick with a sexual lubricant and experience the pleasure of the 8 inch ribbed canal stroking your full length with every thrust. The detailed outer vagina and anus further add to the realistic sex experience.


Ivana can be made to vibrate in any one of her three holes using the innovative wired bullet vibrator. With a voluptuous woman-shaped controller which has buttons for nipples to control the intensity of vibrations. Simply slide the bullet under her mouth canal at the back of her head or push into either side of her pussy and ass to bring her three sensual love holes to life with multi-speed vibrations, intensifying your sexual pleasure.


Turn the vibrations on with the slider switch located at the back of the controller and progress to the final setting to accessorise your pleasure with the orgasmic sounds of Ivana enjoying herself as much as you.


Ivana also comes equipped with a sample of personal lube, her own sex doll air pump and a puncture repair kit for any sexy first aid - so shes ready to play straight from the box.


Requires 3 x AAA batteries for the wired bullet which are not included.

Dostupnosť: Vypredané
Kód produktu: SX3815
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